We welcome you to our Guka’s and Cucu’s home.

Hon. Geoffrey Kariithi and his lovely wife Wangeci Kariithi built this home together since the
early 1960’s. Piece by piece, they added not only bricks but memories, love and laughter.
Guka and Cucu’s home! Is not only beautiful but also the core of the Kariithi family.

A beautiful Country Home with dozens of opportunity to reconnect with nature just 2 hours from
Nairobi. Come and relax at the foothills of Kenya’s greatest peak and enjoy beautiful surroundings with
Family & Friends.

Kiburi farm is the heart and soul of the activity on the property. With various farm animals and plant
varieties. The main crops grown on the farm are coffee and tea.

Part of a local coffee-growing consortium of Single Origin 100% Arabica coffee. Supported by the cool montane climate and the volcanic soils in the area.


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    Group Excursions
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    Country Drives
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    Picnics & Barbeque
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There are many natural springs, waterfalls and beautiful sites to behold in the area. One can enjoy the taste of small-town life in Kimunye town located 5 minutes away. Other attractions include Kimunye Tea Factory, Castle Forest Lodge Horse riding & restaurant, Kamweti River Picnic.

We welcome a newly registered and certified brand, Elkatreat, as the product distribution arm of the Kiburi family. Enjoy authentic natural goodness in our herbs, spices, jams and honeys to take back with you after your stay. Visit and Enjoy natural goodness just as nature intended. All items are seasonal and purchase is only by availability.

Our Farming practices

All our products highlight the hard work of the farmer and ensuring that we practice sustainable farming practices. Fair price for the farmer allows fair payment to the workers.

Ms. Elizabeth Kariithi
We all call her “Aunty Lizi”, she is the Staff Manager and Meticulous Itinerary and Excursions Planner and also the Owner of Elka Treat brand of products.  She grew up in the house after her parents built in the 1960s.

We welcome you to Our Guka & Cucu’s home. May your stay be a heart full of memories!!!