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In 1928 its original owners the Glassfords founded the farm now named Karunguru and the cultivating of coffee began. Later on Geoffrey Karekia Kariithi purchased the home in Juja that was on a 300­acre farm, in order for the legacy of his father to live on he called the farm Karunguru after his father. Little did he know that this small 300­acre farm would grow into a coffee producing branded company of now about 500 acres that markets the fertility of our Kenyan soil and the quality of our coffee.

The very first variety of coffee grown on the farm was SL 28, and while significant portion of the farm contains the same SL variety, we have also introduced Ruiru 11 variety and most recently, Batians variety which we have witnessed has an increase in production per coffee tree while maintaining the quality of our coffee. The soil, partnered with good climatic conditions ensures that all our coffee received the right amount of nutrients. Our Coffee is handpicked, and then taken through wet processing and sun drying which is very closely monitored and controlled on the farm.

Karunguru Coffee™ is set to be a leading quality-oriented single-origin specialty roaster that prides itself on paying attention to every detail of coffees journey, from seeking out the finest coffees from its finest plantations around the Central coffee regions to milling the coffee, roasting the beans, grinding and packaging them. Once picked, our coffee is wet processed at the Karunguru farm factory where it is taken through parchment processing to sort out the coffee to ensure and control and monitor the standard of coffee produced on the farm. The coffee is then dried under the tropical sun to retain its natural taste, aroma and uniqueness.



At Karunguru Coffee, we pride ourselves in giving all our consumers the best product that our farm has to offer. We also offer our clients a crop to cup experience giving traceability to our coffee which highlights the hard work of the farmer. Our product is 100% Arabica, 100% single origin and 100% acknowledges and glorifies the farmer; and if you do not believe us, come for a tour and experience the journey of coffee for yourself!

Good berries,

make great coffee

It has taken eighty or more years to reach this point and now all the hard work we have endured has led us to gaining more expertise and proficiency in farming, picking, drying, roasting, grinding, and packaging our single origin coffee. This has led our company to the final stages of its growth where branding and raising awareness through tourism are our main priorities. We bring people to the home marked with the 1928 date to take them on the journey first experienced by the first owners. The tour takes you around the estate and reveals the whole process and the amount of effort that goes into producing just one espresso. The tour shows you the trees and the work put in to keep them in excellent conditions to reap the reward of our labour in acquiring bright red berries for picking. We then go on to show the drudgery involved picking all the ripe berries only, with all of this occurring at relatively the same time, and only red berries can be picked to obtain the finest coffee.