The Genesis

While Coffee was introduced into Kenya in 1893, the first crop of Karunguru Coffee was planted in 1928 by a British family known as the Glassfords before Kenya received its independence from the British government. It is evident therefore that as far back as 1928, the history of coffee growing has been an integral part of the Karunguru heritage. In 1974, our Grand Father and Patriarch (Mr.Kariithi Karekia), bought and took over the 300 acre farm and grew it to 500 acres of a vast coffee farm

The Intervening Journey

Even after the passing of our patriarch, Karunguru is still owned by the Kariithi family who are proud to be part of a rich coffee farming culture and heritage

Stretching The Roots

Karunguru coffee strives to bring the top grade coffee that is grown here to the consumer market. As having farmed coffee for many years, we now want to bring our decades of knowledge and expertise in coffee farming to your cup! Over and above that, we would like to offer you a once in a lifetime opportunity to come learn the process which our coffee goes through. Be a part of our heritage.


Our Team